I Followed My Bliss…Now What?

I have chosen Artfire for my primary selling venue.  They have a wonderful administration, the other Artfire artisans are great for support and just everyday relationships, and promotional tools they offer are outstanding.

The latest promotional tool on Artfire is the Artisan Curated Collections. These collections are made of hand-selected item from an artisan and then published in the Collections section on the website.  My pieces have been featured in a few of the collections.  It is such an honor to be recognized by another peer.  Every time I get a notification that you have been published in a collection, you think “how cool!” and it puts a smile on your face.

I Followed My Bliss Now What? Artfire Collection

The collections on Artfire have been very popular with a lot of the Artisans, to date there are over 1000 collections that have been made.  Many of the Artisans are reporting an extreme jump in their viewing statistics on their studios once they have been featured in a collection and there are many that are selling the items that are listed in the collections.  The collections are a phenomenal promotional tool, and just in time for the start of the fall and holiday season.    And the collections are so fun to make, they are almost addicting.  It gives you such a great opportunity to view some the great talent that can be found on Artfire.   There are a lot of items that I have found when creating a collection that normally I would have never looked for.

I Followed My Bliss Again Artfire Collection

These are a couple of the collections from my Artfire guild, I Followed My Bliss…Not What?.  The guild is a group of Artisans that have chosen to follow their passion but also have full-time careers in addition to their creative passions.


Why Buy Hand-Crafted Jewelry?

Today I have been pondering what brings a buyer to a local artisan.  When you decided to look for a new piece of jewelry, whether it is a gift for someone special or just a special treat for yourself, there are so many questions and choices out there.  Where do you go? What should you buy? How much do you spend?  Do you go do a chain jewelry retailer? Or a local department store?  How about the local discout store?   Or do you go to a jewlery artisan? 

Gemstone Necklace - Picture Jasper, Red Picture Agate, and Sterling Silver

What are the advantages of buying from a jewelry artisan?

  • You support individual artists and the art community. 
  • Hand-crafted jewlery provides added value though qulaity craftsmanship and individuality.
  • You will get a unique piece that is beautiful and creative.  The piece was created with some inner inspiration from the artisan.
  • The piece will be customizable and have a style all it’s own that meets your stahdards.  Most artisans will customize a piece to your own individual needs.
  • The piece will be quality made with love and care with individuality, instead of a being create at a huge compnay where you will not have any connection to the creator. 
  • Jewelry artisans absolutely love what they do and your piece will be created with that in mind.
  • The piece will be much more affordable and you will be able to form a connection and get personalized service from the artist.

What are your personal experiences with buying artisan jewelry?   Please share the good, the bad, and the ugly…..

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