Right Brain Challenge

Oh no! It's Not Time For Bookkeeping Again?!?!

The things that makes all of artist types is the same thing that makes us so terrible at taking care of all the business and bookkeeping tasks.  Our nature is to do things that are creative and are started in the right side of the brain.  Not things like bookkeeping – one of those tasks that is so far on the left side of the brain.  I have been trying to use Quickbooks for all the business record keeping and absolutely detest every minute of it.  My husband, bless his heart, tries to be really patient with me while I am trying to learn all of this but you can only have patience for so long.  The other day he suggested that he do all of the bookkeeping for me.  It’s a really tempting offer – I hope he was serious and just not frusterated with me at the time, but unfortunately is was probably the later.

I know all of this is important, but the right side of my brain would much rather be creating something in my studio!  I know I have to eventually get my hands around all of this.  Maybe someday it wont be so PAINFULL……..


International Gem Show

The Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival and the International Gem and Jewelry shows were at New Mexico Expo this weekend. 

The Rio Grande Arts and Crafts festival had so many jewelry exhibitors and they were all were so talented.  I used it as an opportunity to do some marketing research.  I did a lot of observing of displays, pricing, and seeing the types of pieces that were selling.  All the displays started my gears turning on how to present pieces once I am ready to start doing trade shows. 

The International Gem Show was lots of  fun.  Beads, beads, and more beads……  I was like a kid in the candy store.  I think I could have stayed there for hours and hours.  There were so many vendors.  There were some good finds and I even brought some of them home.   Paul was such a tropper, I know he was bored out of his mind.  Continue reading

All business and no play….

This last week I have been working on all the details to get this business started.  It seemed simple at first but the deeper I dig into the more questions that seem to come up.  Tax stuff, business license, sole proprieter or LLC?  What payment types to accept? Shipping methods? Business logo, and the list goes on and on.  It’s been a little overwhelming……  Worst of all, all this business is making my work bench feel a little neglected.  I am going to get to some unfinished pieces this weekend.

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