The Art of Photography

Taking photos seems to be a challenge for most of us that haven’t been schooled in the art of photography.  Getting the right balance of  light and controlling reflections has always been one of my biggest challenges when photographing my jewelry.  I can always count on sunshine most days of the year  living in the southwest and up until a few months ago I did all of my photography outdoors.  I thought about it and decided that I really didn’t want to have to fair the cold weather this year to take photographs so I purchased a photo tent a few months ago.

 My Photo Tent

It has been quite a challenge to learn how to get the light just right with photographing indoors.  It was like learning how to photograph from scratch all over again.  I had to learn how to control the  light source all over again and get the photograph staged just right.

I guess I have to count my lucky start for digital photography; otherwise I would have wasted countless rolls of photo film.  Just one of the advantages of modern photography, I guess.

Practice, Practice, Practice…..

Here is a look at some of my latest photos, certainly much better than when I first started using the photo tent.

 Red Agate and Malachite Bracelet

Green Aventurine and Amethyst Bracelet

Carnelian and Fire Agate Bracelet

Red Creek Jasper and Copper Link Bracelet

Have you had any similar experiences with your photography?  Please share you stories.


International Gem Show

The Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival and the International Gem and Jewelry shows were at New Mexico Expo this weekend. 

The Rio Grande Arts and Crafts festival had so many jewelry exhibitors and they were all were so talented.  I used it as an opportunity to do some marketing research.  I did a lot of observing of displays, pricing, and seeing the types of pieces that were selling.  All the displays started my gears turning on how to present pieces once I am ready to start doing trade shows. 

The International Gem Show was lots of  fun.  Beads, beads, and more beads……  I was like a kid in the candy store.  I think I could have stayed there for hours and hours.  There were so many vendors.  There were some good finds and I even brought some of them home.   Paul was such a tropper, I know he was bored out of his mind.  Continue reading

Jewelry Presentation

Carnelian Necklace on Log

I have been trying some ideas for jewelry presentation to be able to show work on the internet, see the pics.  So far I have played with a few ideas.  I have used a couple of different kind of material for drapes.  I have tried the drapes on a flat surface and also on a tiered prop.  I think i like the tiered drape better than the flat.  I also tried some natural objects, rocks and wood log, to layout pieces on.  So far I like the rock and log layout best.  I will keep looking for layout ideas.

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