5 Reasons To Have a Pro Studio on Artfire

Artfire Group Deal

I  just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Artfire.  It is such a great online marketplace for selling and buying handmade goods and I am very proud to be a member of the Artfire community.  Thier latest promotion will knock your socks off – just another reason I LOVE ArtFire.  If you have an Artfire account and are thinking of upgrading to a Pro studio – now is the time.

Why should you have a Pro account on Artfire?

  1. Your goods are exposed to millions of shoppers around the globe through their SEO policies and the use of the Google search engine. 
  2. The internet traffic on Artfire only continues to grow and gets your studio more exposure.
  3. Pro accounts are given prefrence in the searches and listings.  The Pro studios account for 85% of the  total sales on Artfire.
  4. The tools offered for the Pro accounts are absolutely phenominal.  There are a wide range of account tools to help manage and promote your studio.
  5. Last, and certainly not least, You will not find another place that has such an outstanding support staff – they totally ROCK!!  They are quick to respond and helpful in so many ways.  Where else can you find a staff that  shows you how to create an online presence, take photographs, write SEO descriptions and give thier Artisans all the tools to be successful.

 And and right now ArtFire is offering a Group Deal to upgrade your account to Pro status…….

Over 4,000 artisans have already opted-in so far.  Join them today!  You won’t regret it.

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