You can find me in Albuquerque, New Mexico also known as the Land of Enchantment where I live with my husband and two boxers.  My son comes to visit

from time to time.  I have truly been blessed with such a fantastic family.  I am a Structural Designer / Project Manager for a Structural Consulting Engineer by day and a jewelry artisan by night. I have a modest home studio where I create all of my pieces.

I absolutely love designing and creating my jewelry.  My favorite materials are natural gemstones and copper, but you will find me working with silver and other materials from time to time.  Creating jewelry helps me keep in touch with my creative side and helps to reach balance in my life.  There is also something in everyone’s life that keeps them in balance and at peace, creating jewelry is mine.

I have been interested in art every since I can remember and I have tried many mediums for expressing my creativity.  I have done painting, ceramics, needle point crafts, and jewelry just to name a few.  My first love is creating jewelry with ceramics running a close second.  Both jewelry and ceramics help keep in touch with the inner-self. 

        Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time~Thomas Merton



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