Right Brain Challenge

Oh no! It's Not Time For Bookkeeping Again?!?!

The things that makes all of artist types is the same thing that makes us so terrible at taking care of all the business and bookkeeping tasks.  Our nature is to do things that are creative and are started in the right side of the brain.  Not things like bookkeeping – one of those tasks that is so far on the left side of the brain.  I have been trying to use Quickbooks for all the business record keeping and absolutely detest every minute of it.  My husband, bless his heart, tries to be really patient with me while I am trying to learn all of this but you can only have patience for so long.  The other day he suggested that he do all of the bookkeeping for me.  It’s a really tempting offer – I hope he was serious and just not frusterated with me at the time, but unfortunately is was probably the later.

I know all of this is important, but the right side of my brain would much rather be creating something in my studio!  I know I have to eventually get my hands around all of this.  Maybe someday it wont be so PAINFULL……..


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