Why Buy Hand-Crafted Jewelry?

Today I have been pondering what brings a buyer to a local artisan.  When you decided to look for a new piece of jewelry, whether it is a gift for someone special or just a special treat for yourself, there are so many questions and choices out there.  Where do you go? What should you buy? How much do you spend?  Do you go do a chain jewelry retailer? Or a local department store?  How about the local discout store?   Or do you go to a jewlery artisan? 

Gemstone Necklace - Picture Jasper, Red Picture Agate, and Sterling Silver

What are the advantages of buying from a jewelry artisan?

  • You support individual artists and the art community. 
  • Hand-crafted jewlery provides added value though qulaity craftsmanship and individuality.
  • You will get a unique piece that is beautiful and creative.  The piece was created with some inner inspiration from the artisan.
  • The piece will be customizable and have a style all it’s own that meets your stahdards.  Most artisans will customize a piece to your own individual needs.
  • The piece will be quality made with love and care with individuality, instead of a being create at a huge compnay where you will not have any connection to the creator. 
  • Jewelry artisans absolutely love what they do and your piece will be created with that in mind.
  • The piece will be much more affordable and you will be able to form a connection and get personalized service from the artist.

What are your personal experiences with buying artisan jewelry?   Please share the good, the bad, and the ugly…..


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