All business and no play….

This last week I have been working on all the details to get this business started.  It seemed simple at first but the deeper I dig into the more questions that seem to come up.  Tax stuff, business license, sole proprieter or LLC?  What payment types to accept? Shipping methods? Business logo, and the list goes on and on.  It’s been a little overwhelming……  Worst of all, all this business is making my work bench feel a little neglected.  I am going to get to some unfinished pieces this weekend.


Jewelry Presentation

Carnelian Necklace on Log

I have been trying some ideas for jewelry presentation to be able to show work on the internet, see the pics.  So far I have played with a few ideas.  I have used a couple of different kind of material for drapes.  I have tried the drapes on a flat surface and also on a tiered prop.  I think i like the tiered drape better than the flat.  I also tried some natural objects, rocks and wood log, to layout pieces on.  So far I like the rock and log layout best.  I will keep looking for layout ideas.

My First Blog

Well, I finally did it.  I started my first blog.  Not real sure where to start.  This blog is going to be about my journey into the world of handcrafted jewelry.  I am getting ready to start my business making handcrated jewelry.  The materials I like to work with are metals, usually silver and copper and natural gemstone. Hopefully I will get better with this blogging thing in time.  Until next time….

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